Spot Color Development

Spot Color Development

New products ordinarily need new spot colors. Those colors are paramount to successful marketing. Midagraphics offers the opportunity to develop effective colors and provides a means for consistent color reproduction across the supply chain.

Unique Color Choices

Most turn to the Pantone color library when it comes to packaging design. As a result, color creativity is limited and many common colors are displayed on store shelves. MiColor gives you freedom to develop your own unique special colors and set your brand apart.

Color Communication

Typically Brand managers deal with a lengthy supply chain. They may need flexible packaging, cartons, labels, POP displays, etc. —all produced by different printing processes and companies. This presents a challenge keeping spot colors consistent.
When Midagraphics develops a color, we capture all characteristics necessary for reproduction regardless of whether the end process is flexo, gravure, offset, or digital. MiColor uses a completely open file format that includes overprint, substrate, solid and screen tint data. As a Brand manager you simply supply this file to your vendors and they have what’s needed for consistent spot color reproduction.

Designing with your brand colors

Currently importing spot colors created with MiColor into Illustrator is accomplished through an affordable plug-in. In the near future we will be able to supply .ase (Adobe Swatch Exchange) files that do not require any plug-in.
Midagraphics will automatically embed spot colors created with MiColor into PDF’s for later processing.

Color support

We’re only a phone call away if you or vendors need support designing, proofing, outputting or printing with your new spot colors.