Color Correction

Food Packaging

For 20 years Midagraphics has specialized in the Food Packaging Industry. From small sugar packets on waxed paper substrates to Shake Powder Bags on film, you can be sure whatever your substrate, we will adjust your images to print consistently.

Nature Scenes

Using either stock photography or your own supplied photos, Midagraphics will ensure you get the best detail needed to communicate your message to the consumer.

Flesh Tones

Cosmetic packaging requires the know-how to achieve just the right flesh tone needed to sell that smooth flawless finish. Using the latest technology, our expertise guarantee your satisfaction will be met every time.

Spot Color Conversion

There are times when you just need to have more colors. We pride ourselves in our ability to swap out a process color for a spot color and still maintain your image as it was intended, all while giving you that brand color that is a must-have.

Grey Component Replacement (GCR)

Grey Component Replacement or GCR, is a technique used to help the printing process. This is done by replacing black for gray values normally made up from Yellow, Magenta and Cyan. This not only helps with the cost of printing but it also help brighten colors on less grade papers and also helps with consistency in the print.